Sing Your Own Song

Never forget your life's music, there's always a reason to sing...

          “Sing Your Own Song”

You shole been through some thangs.
Some thangs you still going through.
Sometimes, you find it hard to dance.
You just can’t hear the music.
But you keep on listening,
struggling to find the beat.
Sometimes, the record gets scratched.
You stumble, and your dance is just a bop.
Your bop becomes a sway, and sometimes
you just have to stand still.
But in those quiet, still times,
you managed to hum.
Your humming becomes a tune.
Your tune becomes a song,
and you find your rhythm again.
So, don’t ever stop listening for the music of life
which causes your feet to dance.  
Just remember, sometimes
you have to sing
your own song.

                          ldw ©
            Poem Written By: Lyris D. Wallace